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Paint Memphis 2022

Mural artists from around the world transformed Broad Avenue Art District into a public gallery of the highest quality. 

Meaty Graffiti registered over 200 pieces of art and merch for this event. Come by to see the amazing art created by these phenomenal mural artists.

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Renda Writer

Renda Writer is an international muralist spreading his message of LOVE and World Peace. He's is a joy to know. Please follow him on Insta @rendawriter 

Renda Shirtless Pic.jpeg

Beau Jones aka BEAUTOX

We were so proud to have Beau Jones in for our very first show. Beau is an amazing artist out of Jonesboro, AR. Beau it blowing up! Please follow him on Insta @beautox_art and get one of his pieces while you can!

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Lexi Perkins aka Lexiladymonster

Lexi puts the pretty in wierd. Her work is something you will never forget and never have enough of. Always thought provoking and fun.

Please follow her on Insta @ladyleximonster

Lexi Poster.jpg

Nicole Todaro

Born and raised in New Orleans, self-taught analog collage artists brought the power and introduced us into her "little worlds". Each piece is a puzzle of personal treasures assembled together into a story that develops as the piece is created, filled with feminine power and seduction. 

Please reach out to Nicole for commissions


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Bent Custom Neon

Bent Custom Neon came down from Ohio with his family to teach us how to bend neon and lit up the gallery with his amazing works of neon art.

Bent and Corey _edited.jpg

Alex Warble and Lance Turner

Things got a little wavy with Alex Warble and Lance Turner! When it comes to one of a kind pieces, these artists do not disappoint. Please follow them on Insta @alexwarble and @laaaaance.

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